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Paulo Ito

For more than 20 years, Paulo Ito has been a major figure of Sao Paulo's westside street art environment. He has been depicting a multitude of realistic or whimsical characters staged in scenes mixing humor with social awareness. Paulo Ito could easily be related to the Social Realism movement, but prefers to be considered as an artist who cares about his community.

As Batman who roams the streets at night to fight the villains, Paulo Ito paints them to deliver educative, at times sarcastic, but always humanist messages.

In 2014, at the dawn of the FIFA World Cup - a panel highlighting the persisting poverty affecting millions of Brazilian families went viral and was relayed by medias from across the world - gathering an audience of tens of millions. Surprised by the mediatic impact it had, Paulo Ito reminded that his activism was toward the protection of his community and people - which he had always been doing since sprays became his favorite partners.

Following this mediatic exposure, Paulo Ito contributed in 2016 to the Greenpeace "Salve o Tapajos" project and participated to the Moscow International Street Art Biennial and Memorie Urbane Festival in Gaeta, Italy (2017).

Paulo Ito honors his roots and cannot disconnect his art to his people about which he aims to raise awareness and social consciousness - and always find new ideas to surprise and educate the audience.

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