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Irving Ramo

Irving Ramó’s current creative proposal walks along the lines of realism, where he delineates his own universe, invisible, where the energy that drives his eagerness to paint and create resides. In the process he combines figurative painting with contemporary elements, relocating elements that he takes from the history of design as a discipline, and his constant attraction and curiosity towards mystical encounters.

Irving Ramó drives particular attention on sketching out the immaterial. He generates spaces inspired on semiotics along with the latent legacy of ancestral civilizations, a profound exploration that has lead him to research its visual spectrum taking from it its geometrical principles, its chromatic and its symbology. His work identifies itself with an important moment within Latin American art and music that leads to a gentle encounter between identity and the interest towards native aesthetics.

For the artist, painting is a road towards enabling a way to caress limits. Ramó deepens his immersion within the lines of the past to propose the permanence of memory throughout multiple temporalities. There is a game inescapable of time that conditions the state of his characters.

His work has been exhibited in

His work has been exhibited in

Museum of the Future, Berlin

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