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Clovis Camargo

At ease with the brush and the pencil since his early childhood, Clovis Camargo first graduated in Industrial Design from the Armando Alvares Penteado Fundation (FAAP) in São Paulo. Naturally he pursued his career within a creative field - as a product designer and within visual communication. Though the call of dedicating his full time to his own art ended up convincing him to take the plunge.

Clovis Camargo focuses his art on the "human being" and his introspection - leading the audience to face their own solitude and unveil their hidden emotions and thoughts. His paintings depict emotionless figures which sensation of silence awakes all the noise hidden within our being. Though Clovis Camargo does not abandon his audience in their emotions, his figures are accompanied with subtle elements implicitly guiding them toward powerful and positive thoughts.

Clovis Camargo is a romantic and intends to cultivate his creations with sensibility and poetry - the discomfort turns into peace and tranquility.

Her creations open a world of various aesthetics - balancing complexity and simplicity, exploring a spiritual connection with elements such as metaphysics, cosmology and science. No wonder if her paintings connect an architectural and intellectual side with a mad, unexpected and free aspect.

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Artwork By Clovis Camargo