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Atentamente Una Fresa

Atentamente Una Fresa is the result of a self-reflection and the quest of inner peace through the expression of her psychedelic and creative self.

Her inspiration brings us back to her childhood and her fascination for the Cirque du Soleil - its harlequins, masks, acrobats, and especially the mimes. The latter enriched her way to juggle with emotions; from sadness to happiness, all with a touch of melancholy.

Growing up, she dived in the surreal world of Tim Burton and of national artists such as Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington - being sensitive to the complexity of surrealism and the infinity of scenarios it offers.

At last, when meeting the works of Pedro Friedeberg, Os Gemeos and Phlegm, while in Design school - she fleshed out her universe with a new element - street art and its sense of liberty.

Her creations open a world of various aesthetics - balancing complexity and simplicity, exploring a spiritual connection with elements such as metaphysics, cosmology and science. No wonder if her paintings connect an architectural and intellectual side with a mad, unexpected and free aspect.

Her work has been exhibited in

Brands she has collaborated with

Prizes she has been nominated for

United Nations Mural for Peace in Central de Abastos México (2018) Be Grant Foundation for Building Design (2018)

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Artwork By Atentamente Una Fresa