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Alexandre Puga

Alexandre Puga has connected to Street Art in 1996 to deliver a colorful universe, often highlighting the values of family and always scenes of everyday life. Inviting us into the reality of Brazil, Alexandre Puga leads the audience to a deeper reflection, triggered by his subtle use of symbology.

André Filur is a multi-disciplinary artist who is always in quest of exploring new media and techniques – from illustration to graffiti and sculpture. Seeking to rescue his ancestry and to portray lived feelings, André Filur researches Brazilian popular art and its mysticisms, with an emphasis on São Francisco frowns, ex-votos, symbologies of African and indigenous origins with a contemporary look.

Born in the region of Bahia and raised in Sao Paulo' southern favelas - he has been working as a social educator, a way to connect arts to the people while helping them to grow as individuals and glimpse a brighter future. An energy and aspiration found in his murals and paintings.

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