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Gary - President / Founder

NAGA Collectivo

Founded in 2022, NAGA Collectivo gathers a rich pallet of talents from Central & Latin America who ambition to land in Europe for:
The collective aims (1) to support its artists' emancipation while (2) contributing to the development of a side project known as NAGA Culture, and (3) donating 10% of generated revenues to support homeless people.

NAGA Culture

Our adventure started as a dream to promote cultural and artistic education and commit to the intellectual growth and development of each. We believe "arts & culture" contribute to broaden our mind, accept and understand one another as well as enrich the way we approach challenges and experience.
After reading about King Mucalinda - a nāga which protected Buddha during his meditation from a great storm, using his seven snake heads to cover him - it was clear that our own NAGA would take the shape of " arts & culture " education to protect and guide humans along their self-development.
In 2019 our Instagram page was born to share about the world's talents and wonders - focusing on one country at a time to trace its artistic and cultural heritage. A way to educate our followers while promoting known and emerging talents from across the globe. Our page attracts on average 50 000 new visitors per week with faithful followers close to reach 20 000.